Talila Admin replied

270 weeks ago

Hi guildies! Er…free companiers? Feel free to reply to this thread with an introduction. Tell us a bit about who you are and what brings you to FFXIV and to Code of Honor. I'll start.

I used to play FFXI with Oro Oro and a bunch of others in a linkshell called Karasu. There are a bunch of us that decided to hop over to 2.0 for the beta, where we met up and decided to make this free company. Hume for life! Although I have switched out my blonde ponytail for a red one…

IRL, Cheech and I share a moghouse and have been together for many much years. I'm a college student and work part time for another university in town. Other activities I enjoy outside of XIV are reading and skiing.

Captain Biggest Admin replied

269 weeks ago

I have been a Final Fantasy fan since the SNES days and jumped into FFXI head first. I spent the "better" part of 8 years playing as a Galka on Bismarck (Biggest). Deployments and children pulled me away. FFXIV 1.0 came along at a good time and I spent a bit of time trying to convince myself that it was fun. Lolme? This iteration of XIV is far more entertaining so here I am.

I met Talila during a Duty Finder run of AK a while back. I remember it very clearly. Talila was healing. Casper Booberry was MNKing. I was BRDing. Naja Salaheem was FullofBSing. Our shared affinity for being extremely annoyed at his FoBing lead the three of us to doing the Friend List thing and I came across the FC information due to Talila's search comment. I asked and was accepted.

The end!

I love sports, video games, and my soon to be FIVE babies.

Oro Oro Admin replied

269 weeks ago

From the old thread on our Lodestone forums from November 2012:

Chess Sila

Hello, I played FFXI and Diablo 3(for brief period of time) with Oro. I currently work full time for Comcast but in the spring I'll be returning to school for my final two semesters to finish my BS in software development. If you need any help in game feel free to send me a tell.

Miya Swiffertail

Hi! My real name is Kristen. I used to play FFXI on Lakshmi (Kaolla/Kanako). I actually met both Kritner and Rich Romeos playing FFXI before I met them IRL. Kritner and I married a little over three years ago :-) I'm a software developer and play FFXIV (and other games) casually in my free time. I also love cats ^_^ My game name is actually a combo of my two cats names (Miya and Toby aka Captain Swiffertail). <Nice to meet you.>

Kritner Swiffertail

Greetings! I'm Russ, Kristen (Miya's) hubby ^^
As she said we both played FFXI several years ago as in game friends, and eventually met as we both lived in the same state (Maryland). We were married in Hawaii yay!

I too, am an application developer - I work for small a private company building banking… stuff… in .NET and MS SQL.

That's about it. Wee gaming!

Kiwi Fruitiwi

I met Oro and Aerry at university, where we all majored in computer science and lived within 30 seconds of each other in the same dorm. We played XI then (Aerry and I on Asura) and I completely fell in love with tarus.

After XI, I led a WoW raiding guild full of software engineers, with a casual raiding schedule (12hrs/wk), many server firsts, and most importantly, an open & honest atmosphere where people were encouraged to be assertive about their issues. Prior to the guild I led the server's best PvP group, which was fun, but grindy. In the end I left before WotLK because well… there weren't enough tarus =( The art style and story really didn't appeal to me. I really miss my mage though!

Oh yeah! After university, Aerry finally asked me to marry her ;) We now have an almost-3-yr-old little girl named Winry, who is a taru IRL. I used to be a web development engineer, and even went to massage therapy school (only finished 3/4 though), but now I'm a stay at home parent =) I really love my job, and I am fortunate to have it.

My main focuses in life are introspection, empathy, teaching, and applying "what can I do to improve this situation?". My main focuses so far in FFXIV are crafting and tarus. Especially tarus in AF :3

Yoshimi So

Hi! I'm Doug!
I worked with Oro a few years ago but now live in SF and work as a software developer at a mobile game company. Lots of developers here apparently o.O
I'm a tank, so if I'm ever on and you need one, let me know! Some day I'll get another class to 50…
I spend a fair amount of time playing other computer games (especially TF2), so add me on Steam if you want: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dougstar
I'm also studying Japanese for funsies if anyone else wants practice.

Xeono Taruno

Howdoyoudo! I'm Jason IRL.

Not much to say about me. I'm an avid gamer and part-time otaku. I played FFXI 10 years ago on Garuda under the name Xenotaru. Spent a few years playing years playing WoW, (with most of my time on a free server), DCUO, you know, whatever. Never been much of a fan of playing on a PC, oddly enough.

I'd go in to a little more depth about my personal life but it's too sad to go into. Not "Lifetime Original Movie", just really lame.

Fun fact: Even though I'm pretty (annoyingly) chatty in game, I actually hate talking. Just not a fan of using my mouth to make words. Never have been. In fact, my little sister used to talk for me until I was about 6.

Bonus fun fact: I'm not just a crafter in-game, I also make stuff in the real world. Building shi….stuff is just about my favorite thing to do, but I haven't been able to do it for WAY too long due to a lack of funding.

Murlona Moermoenwyn


I'm Murlona. Yes, a female Roegadyn. I'm tall. I was Ruok Mphemala in FFXIV v1.0. Yes, a female Lalafell. I was short. I was Alahsiedra in FFXI on the Titan server. My greatest FFXI accomplishment is being the the only Tupsimati (Scholar Mythic weapon) owner for at least 4 years now. I know the Oro, Tali, Inigo, etc gang from the linkshell Karasu.

RL. I am a hermit with three little yippy dogs. I am a college student studying chemical engineering and hoping to focus in electrochemistry/nanomaterials. I can act very erratic during semesters. Please forgive me!

I don't talk on TS. This causes me to look like I'm talking to myself in linkshell/FC chat.. or the people on TS to be talking to themselves. ('-')b

I FORGOT TO MENTION. I was once a licensed massage therapist and aesthetician. Woo for massage therapist engineers!

Drayvyn Knightfall

So I'm a bit late to the party! Fashionably, I hope :D.

Today, I am Nick! But a long, long time ago, I was Medieve of Titan, before I was called away to Afghanistan, never to return to XI. I doubt anyone remembers me, as I remember no one, except a Cat somethingoranother. I played around a bit in 2004, never getting to max and only starting DRK. At least I think I did, it's entirely possible I was lied to and was doing some completely random quest.

It's quite random that I ran into this group of Titan refugees without actually knowing them at all. Fate? Or FATE!

Came back stateside in 2005, and was convinced by a few army friends to start WoW, and began progression raiding up until 2011, with quite a bit of theorycrafting on the side. I only took a brief 16 month break to go to Iraq, and maybe a night here and there when final exams got in the way. This past summer I graduated and immediately took over a small manufacturing business in Western NY, and hope every day that I don't lose all my work to China. As much fun as my job is at times, it killed any hope of me putting in any more serious game time, and getting married sealed the deal.

I hope to get my wife playing soon. She LOVES chocobos. She's being difficult about it though.

I'm not on as often as I'd like to be, but I'm always available to help. Be it Coil fill, dungeon, or just random naked run through the jungle to kill some time, my number's floating around, so just send me a text. I know I can't do much, but I'll do what I can. I was an airborne infantry team leader, so my language and jokes can be somewhat grotesque at times, but I try to keep it down, and Oro usually verbally bitch slaps me back into polite society whenever I slip. I really try not to offend, and I'm never serious.

I think that's enough for now. Thanks again for giving me a home away from home, and hope to see you guys more often in the future!

Bargeist Leader replied

269 weeks ago

Bargeist Heilige

Lets see, I an a government contractor, currently between contracts. ATM I work at Bestbuy while I go to college full time, working toward a degree in Intelligence Collection. I have been gaming since i got my first NES shit… 25 years ago now. For online gaming I have played EQ, EQ2(Had a fully upgraded Legacy weapon for Corrupter) WoW (Insane titled Thunderfury DK tank) Guild Wars 1 and 2, Diablo (all) Ragnarok Online (a crit-assassin) and of course FFXI, Drg almost relic (stage 4 when I was hacked) /whm/blm/thf whenever I needed a change. I am sure there are others, but I forget them x.x

In ff14, most of you probably know me as a pld who likes to make of color jokes and occasionally tank without pants on… I like the breeze. Anyway, hit me up if you need help some time.

Talila Admin replied

269 weeks ago

This is so fun to get to know everyone on a more personal level! All of you smarties make me feel inferior though :P

Keep them coming!

Xerlic replied

269 weeks ago

All of you smarties make me feel inferior though :PTalila

That's how I felt when I joined Vengeance back in the day. Like half that linkshell was from MIT.

Melaina Default replied

269 weeks ago

Hello everyone!

I met Fruit Cup and Shadowkitty on FFXI as a mithra named Lithindae. I started out as a mnk then when no one healed the DD's I decided to switch over to whm. I love being a whm. We stopped playing XI due to RL things, job changes, etc. Fruit Cup said we (my husband, Saeros and I) should give XIV a shot and we decided we would. Getting used to it is a bit hard for me, but I'm getting pulled in pretty quickly. I wish that I could devote as much time as I used to for XI, but with our 7 month old it is hard. Luckily she's getting on a good schedule and I can predict the times I'll be available more. I am always willing to help, if I can and I am always open to guidance/criticism. Anything to make me a better player ^.^b. I really am looking forward to getting to know all of you.

Shadowkitty Leader replied

269 weeks ago

Hey everyone!
I started playing XI when it first came out and didn't quit until finally last year. By the time I quit I had completely finished brd including 99ing everything I could. I'm a perfectionist and it bothers me to do stuff halfway. Missing achievement rage type thing.

RL: I work as a Security system sales rep. I make a bunch of money which I like, however, being in the sales industry I am surrounded by narcissists. I feel like we need a NA meeting up in here (Narcissist Anonymous). I do like what I do and where I work minus that car accident thing. Also FC and I have a lil taru which is why we aren't on as much as we want! Look forward to playing with you all! :D

Fruit Cup Default replied

269 weeks ago

Greetings all:

I also like everyone else here played XI too much of my life. But I met my wife in shadowkitty, so you can say that's good and bad, hehe, and had a little taru all the while. Outside of the game, I still play hockey and my job has a working enviroment of a college dorm room, except we actually get our work done. My dislikes are people who LB titan and kill everyone instead of titan…..nvm scratch that…that's me!

Saeros Default replied

268 weeks ago

Hello all '.')/

As you may have already read above, Melaina and I are a team. We met Fruitcup and SK back in XI, where I was a drg at heart who usually ended up on my more utilitarian jobs. They invited us to the free company shortly after we started XIV, and I feel it's been a good fit.
In the world at large we've got one small child and another on the way, which sort of dictates my schedule most of the time. I am an engineer working on new product development for agricultural combines. My Japanese is passable, which comes in handy in game from time to time. I look forward to working with everyone in Code of Honor in game and getting to know each one of you better.
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