Oshimori Feillien Default replied

267 weeks ago

Oshimori Feillien & Bermy Feillien

We are a wife and husband duo who played FFXI with Oro for a many years on Titan.(mainly Oshi). We have played XIV since 1.0, but took a break and came back after 2.0. Oshi's name in XI was Yakima and Bermy was just Bermy (extra points for creativity there)

We have a 4yr old and 1yr old at home that we affectionately refer to as No1, and No2. Our goal in XIV is just to have fun and play with friends we know (or making new friends if possible).

Oshi speaks, Mandarin, English, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Cantonese. Bermy speaks bad English. Oshi is a stay at home tiger mom and Bermy is an attorney who is working on his master's at law degree, so feel to to ask him anything and Oshi will make sure you get FC discount.

Aelia Caelum Default replied

258 weeks ago

Hi everyone!

I'm new to Code of Honor and new to MMOs in general, although I've been playing FF games since I was in high school, when I was the only girl I knew of who played video games of any kind :)

IRL, I live in the bay area with my boyfriend and an extremely roly-poly, fuzzy cat named Freddy, and work at a superfun tech company in silicon valley. After making some (*cough*desperate*cough) pleas for FFXIV friends on a gamer mailing list at work, Tiny Fey reached out to invite me to Code of Honor (thanks, Tiny!).

My recently discovered real-life passion is to become a veterinarian. But…I didn't take any science or math courses back in undergrad (oops), so I'm currently taking pre-vet/pre-med courses at night to get my vet school pre-reqs done so I can apply sometime soon.

Other hobbies include horseback riding (fun fact: I own a pony), reading fantasy epics, watching HBO shows, practicing yoga, and taking naps.

Unfortunately, that doesn't leave me much time for XIV, but I love to play when I have free time – or when I'm avoiding homework! So far I've been sticking mainly to the Healer jobs, but am looking forward to trying out some new things at some point (on that note, if anyone feels like dying faster than they can be resurrected, come with me on my first dungeon run as a tank!).

Looking forward to playing with you all!

Eric Scorpio replied

256 weeks ago

Heya. I'm new to this FC. So far it seems good. Sorry for my tiny bit of scepticism. Just been through a few FC in my life of FFXIV since 1.0 early access and it's essentially starting over for me as everyone that I enjoyed playing in this game with have pretty much quit. So aside from doing a last ditch effort and switching servers, I'm simply trying to find the right fit here on Hyperion.

I haven't played too many MMOs. They range from FFXI on Ramuh for three years when it first came out on ps2. Tera. And yeah not much else lol. I enjoy the final fantasy series since the very first one came out on NES which is why I've played the MMOs as well.

As for me personally, I'm Eric. I live in Ontario Canada. I am a hockey fan as well as enjoy camping and fishing as well. I graduated as a chemical engineer technologist. I however did not follow through with that education as I am currently working as an underground diamond driller.

So yeah that's pretty much me.
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