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The Wiggles throw a surprise party for Dorothy the Dinosaur, while she goes after a magician who takes Greg's magic wand to become popular.
This movie is cute and funny and I recommend it for kids of all ages.<br/><br/>The Wiggles are not dumb! They are the best! The music is AWESOME! I would rather have my kids watch them then the Teletubbies any day of the week.<br/><br/>My favorite Wiggle is Anthony (the blue one) and I love Captain Feathersword! They are both hysterical. Greg (the yellow one) is a great singer, Murray (the red one)is a great guitar player and Jeff (the purple sleepy one)is cute and funny.<br/><br/>I&#39;ve also have their other two movies &#39;Space Dancing&#39; and &#39;Cold Spagetti Western&#39; and I love them both. I have other Wiggle Tapes and CDs and all I can say is that these guys from Australia are AWESOME!
&quot;What is wrong with people? A kid show has to still be smart and funny and not patronizing. The Wiggles is anything but that. It stars these four bizarre fellas who live in Pee Wee&#39;s summer home with some oddly low-budget puppets and dance a lot. The acting abilities of these four Brits is questionable, since they overdo all of their lines like kids won&#39;t be able to understand them otherwise… We also get some really dopey concert scenes where the &#39;Wiggles&#39; sing a very repetitive song while shaking their tails…&quot;<br/><br/>A kids show doesn&#39;t have to entertain adults. Patronising? It&#39;s a show for children, and they seem to enjoy it immensely. The Wiggles themselves have absolutely no pretensions at all. Oddly low budget sets and puppets? Last year they made $34 million and they always invest most of it back into the franchise. He claims that these &quot;Brits&quot; overdo all there dialogue so the kids can&#39;t even understand it. First off they are not Brits. Second, all kid entertainers overdo everything- children don&#39;t react well with subtlety. And third, if they overdo it so much the kids can&#39;t understand it, then how can they sing along to every last one of their songs in concerts and on TV? Criticising a kids show for being repetitive? You are obviously unaware of the fact that kids need repetition to learn- why do you think all kids shows have such a strict pattern and are repeated so much? Uh huh.<br/><br/>And that&#39;s the end of that chapter.

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